Whatever speed i ask for, i only ever get 8x

sounds good, if only it was dvd. but i am talking about cdr.
tried nero 5.5.10 then nero 6, still the same.
set write speed to 24x but nero reports actual write speed during burning (followed the tip from this forum) at 8x. my drive supports 48x
tried all different brands of media also but no joy.
any ideas gratefully accepted!!

Seems like there may be a tool running forcing the drive speed to lock at 8x, either that or your drive does not support 24x causing it to use the next lowest speed. :confused:

As a matter of interest, what brand and model of CD Recorder are you using?

One other check - are you using Roxio’s DirectCD? When I use to have DirectCD installed on my last PC, the write speed I had set in DirectCD use to force the drive to work at that speed even when recording a regular data CD, regardless of the record speed I chose.

Finally if you have used any CD-ROM speed setting tools such as Nero’s DriveSpeed, it may be worth checking to make sure these are not running in the background. Generally these only affect the drive’s read performance, but could possibly affect the write performance also.

Are you burning ‘on-the-fly’? If so, don’t!

Is DMA set for the drives?

i am using a qsi-sbw 241.
nero drivespeed is not running.
similiar symptoms when i use veritas record now dx.(reports burning at 48x but is no faster than nero).