Whatever I try, burnt CD has no readable information (going mad here)

OK, I am getting ready to shoot somebody. I had a TDK VeloCD 24x CD burner, and it was great…for a while. I started to have problems about 6 months ago when I would try and burn image files (*.bin, *.iso, *.nrg). It would always burn correctly, but the CD would appear blank when I tried to read it. I’ve used Nero, CDRWin, BlindWrite, and Roxio’s software trying to fix the problem, but no dice. Strangely, Nero’s InfoTool with Nero 6 would tell me what was on the CD, but I still could not read the data. I figured that this information probably came from the TOC.

About 2 weeks ago, I started to get a new problem. Nero would give me an error during burning telling me that I had a tracking problem. Mmmmmm…warm coasters for me. Upon visual inspection of the CD, I can see where it burned over the same surface more than once. I became a little angry at the low quality of TDK’s junk, so I removed it from my comp and deposited it the trash.

After waiting 2 days, I got my new Lite-On burner from NewEgg. I plugged it in, started Nero, and burned my first image (a bin file). Finished at 48x with no problems, but when I put it back in the drive, I have the same problem as before. It has no readable information. Now, seeting and foaming from the mouth, I put my Windows XP disc in the drive, reboot, format, format, and reinstall. Is it fixed…NO!!! I am getting ready to kill people here. Can anyone help? Here are my specs:

Abit NF7-S 2.0
XP1700+ @ 2.4Ghz
2x256Mb Mushkin PC3200 2:2:2 @ 2-2-2-5
Ati 9700 Pro @ 415/350
WD 40Gb Hdd
Linksys WMP54G Wireless Lan Card
Raidmax 500 Watt PS
Windows XP w/ SP1 (I’m going to try SP2 in desperation)

Which version of nvidia UDP have you installed?
SW IDE driver or not?
Have you the latest BIOS for your MB?
Have you updated the firmware of your burner?

Your ATI is performing ok? There are isues between UDP and catalyst drivers

I have the newest NForce drivers (before today’s release), and I have tried Catalyst drivers 3.2 through 3.9. The Ati card runs fine, and I never have any problems with it. The whole computer is really stable, and I have no problems apart from this. I have BIOS 19 for my motherboard, but I have also triev 10,11, and 18 with no real benefit. I haven’t run into any firmware updates for this burner, but because of the problems with the previous burner, I am leaning to a problem with windows or drivers.

does this do this for every cd you have (ie non protected ones) or just protected ones that you are trying to copy?

ive had simular problems with some later copy protected titles…toc would be fine but couldnt open drive contents or load.

what liteon drive did you get?

I have the same mboard as you have (using original nforce drivers that came with the board) and same video drivers i dont think thats your problem. and i am using sp2.

Are these game titles that you’re trying to burn? Which ones?