Whatever happened to TwistedHumor.com

They did have it in the palm of their hand back around the millennium and I was one of many who frequented the site at least twice a week.

Then, twistedhumor.com became a paid service and slowly sunk into oblivion. Very popular as they were, it has caused me to think what would have been if they had stayed free and not gone the paid route.

I have put up a web-page with the few flash (swf) videos I did offline before they became paid, you can get to it here if you like to check out what I am talking about.
You can find the link for the original offlined archive of each video from way back when beneath each video if you would like to have them offline yourself.

They did have many more of course, but these are the only I have found in my archive.

Enjoy a little humor from yesteryear!