Whatever happened to the postage free weekends



Posters to the old forum would remember these, when the discs were very expensive and the only way to shift them would be to offer postage free weekends. Does the team know if these are still available, and if so perhaps a tip off now and again :wink:


Something strange seems to be happening at PC World, I recently bought a printer from them, if I had bought it from the store it would have cost £99 pound but on their webpage its only £78 as a web offer. You then have the option of free delivery or collecting it from your local store at £78 not £99 very weird. If you are planning to purcahse any item might be worth checking the web page before making a trip to the store, might save a few quid.


If you mean the weekend thing from SVP, then yes, they still do them. I think you have to register as a member of their buyer’s club to get the e-mail messages about up-and-coming ones. No problem though about mentioning it occasionally otherwise here…

Good tip about PC World - if you know what you’re buying then some of their prices are indeed competitive.


I’ve never heard of a free postage weekend from SVP, only a 99p shipping weekend. 99p is cheap enough for me though.

The problem these days is you have to buy 200 disks just to make the order up to £30!



The last “cheap postage” weekend was £1.50 wasn’t it?


My Buyer’s Club email for the 24th March says 99p… was that the last one? There was a quiz after that and then nothing the next week.


Yeah that was the last one. They tend to be once a month or less now.



This weekend (22nd - 24th April) is a 99p shipping offer…


Already ordered (200 x DW / JPNR 4x)…



You mean you weren’t tempted by the free 24-disc sheep carry case offered with the Datawrite Titanium Prodiscs? :Z

BTW any chance of you posting a K-probe on these Ricohs? The Pioneer 108 I’m currently using would appreciate a vague comparison with your NEC 25x0. The Pioneer seems to fade in efficacy towards the end of the burn…


Just found a 50p delivery weekend at http://www.cd-rmedia.co.uk but have to spend over 50 quid, but members only.




I suppose so, but I don’t have Lite-ON burner and they say that Lite-ON readers aren’t as good for using K-probe. They usually introduce a spike near the start that actually isn’t a problem. However, I will do one later and post it for you.



Here’s the scan result…


Thanks Loob. That’s really impressive looking at the PIF max. Was that disc burned at 8x or 4x, btw?

Here’s a rough comparison for a D/W Ricoh burned at 4x on a Pioneer 108 (with hacked f/w that allows burning at any speed regardless of media code). No read errors though - but looks like I’d better get my NEC back from loan.


The disk was burned at 8x.



Just bought some of these on an order that was already going in so saving the postage.

About a pound cheaper per spindle than SVP…



SVP have a £3.00 shipping discount for the coming Bank Holiday. Seems like they are moving away from the standard 99p specials, in favour of this type of thing:

"The offer is valid from now until 11.59pm on Monday 30th May 2005. Your order must be for goods totalling over £30 and you must use the coupon code ‘liverpoolfc’ at the SVP checkout to activate the £3.00 + VAT discount. We have no objection to customers sharing the coupon code with friends and family, but please ask them to join our Buyers Club mailing list on our website. It will cost them nothing and saves them plenty… "

Howay the lads… :wink:


Ahh the sweet smell of success. :wink: If anyone wants any CL winners wallpaper for their desktop, PM me your email address.

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