Whatever Happened To...Firmware Updates?

Remember the good old days, about 5 years ago, when product manufacturers would produce something, and then help you maintain it, by providing things like firmware updates and such? Remember that? Whatever happened to that? Nowadays, they just churn out the same product with a slightly different name and a new feature or two, and let the existing product rot.

For example, companies like Lucky Goldstar (LG) now have 100 different models of DVD burner on the market, one new burner for each of what in the old days would have been a simple firmware update.

On the other hand, not that long ago, Philips/BenQ was still pumping out firmware updates for the discontinued DW1640, after the company had already been sold, redundant employees had been given pink slips, and the electricity in the labs had been disconnected.

Sigh. :frowning:

Remember the good old days, about 5 years ago, when a DVD burner cost $100-$200 and the companies producing DVD burners had a profit when selling DVD burners? :wink:

With the $30 DVD burners these days, there isn’t much room for profit or for spending time on firmware upgrades after a product is released.

But at least some companies like LiteOn and Pioneer still care enough to produce some firmware updates, unlike LG.