Whatever happened? LTR-52327S vs SOHR-5238S

Has all the attention shifted to dvd writers? It seems like no one really knows much about the SOHR-5238S. Maybe things like write strategy, but nothing solid like how it handles different media, rewriteable cds, or copy protections for games such as safedisc or securom. I found 2 major threads concerning these 2 Lite-On cd writers.

Difference between SOHR - 5238S and LTR - 52327S.

New Lite-On drive SOHR-5238S

The real reason I want to know is that I own a LTR-5232S. It no longer ejects the tray when you push the eject button. It only opens when using burning software. RMAed it to newegg, and noticed that they no longer carry that drive. In case they can’t fix it (likely), I might receive the SOHR-5238S. That’s why I want to know.

In case anyone is interested, I finally RMAed the LTR-52327S to newegg on 9/29, and just received an email today (10/4) that they shipped out a SOHR-5238S as a replacement. crickets chirping

I had the same question couple days ago. newegg ran out of LTR-52327S, and I was not sure about the SOHR-5238S. After read about the 832s, to play it safe, I got the 832s instead. If SOHR-5238S is as good as LTR-52327S, I wouldn’t have to fork out the extra 35 bucks for 832s. :a

Well the SOHR-5238S came in today (10/6) @lunch time as usual. Besides backing up music and regular data, I guess I will try to back up some pc games too. Max Payne, The Sims: Hot Date, or Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 with CloneCD, if I can still remember how. I don’t think I’ve used it since version

Only differences I’ve heard is that it uses Z-CLV instead of P-CAV, but I don’t know if that was just for RWs or for everything.

I’m not a big fan of Z-CLV, and would normally just write to the disk at the fastest speed just below the next Z-CLV threshold, but the problem with LiteOns is that for some freaky reason they give really shitty burns at low speeds - A 48x burn will have FAR less errors than, say, an 8x burn…