What'd I do wrong?

I burned my first six DVD backups and 3 worked OK and 3 were crap. Of the 3 that were crap, two got real jerky, and then just stopped and wouldn’t continue. The third had all kinda weird digital patterns and then just stopped and wouldn’t continue. They played really terrible on my DVD player that’s hooked up to the TV and only slightly better on the burner that they were recorded on.
I have a new Polaroid DVD ± RW. I used GQ blank DVD-R disks from Fry’s Electronics. I used DVD X Copy Platinum. My system is an Abit NF7-s motherboard with an Athlon XP2600+ processor and 512 MB of PC3200 DDR Ram (should be fast enough). Where should I start? Different burner? Different Media?? Different software?

Really Bummed about this, suggestions would be very very welcome.


Jack in Phoenix

well are you willing to try another way to make backups of your dvds just to make sure it is not dvd x copy causing problem and burner is good ? if so you can use dvd shrink version 3 and nero express if you want to copy the dvds. It is alittle more work but gets the job done.

here is link for dvd shrink version 3 . This software is freeware.


and i can give ya directions for nero express if you want. That is what i use .

I tried some inexpensive Fry’s DVD-R disks in my new Sony burner and the disks would not work. I’m not sure they were GQ but I took them back to Fry’s and bought some TDK DVD+R disks from Costco. They’re about $1.88 each but work perfectly. I’m using AnyDVD and CloneDVD.

Good Luck.