What’s Everyone’s Philosophies on music file organization?

How does everyone organize their Music Library. Do you sort by groups and artist so each has their own folder. or are they all in one file.

How do you prefer your file names






Are there Some Great programs out there that you prefer?

I’m interested in what everyone thinks

music genre -> artist -> song

i like itunes because of the search option.
foobar2000 is very good also.


I don’t use any program though, just edit the tags and play them on Winamp, since the library sucks (too messy).

My Music Folder > Artist Folder > Album Folder > Audio Tracks

The naming scheme for the tracks at the moment is just: “artistname - trackname”, I don’t worry about the folders that much really because I just access all my music through WinAmp. I might change the filenames to something else though, so that they’re all unique. At the moment a lot of albums have the same track so there’s always the possibility I might overwrite them when moving them around or transferring them to another device.

I use Tag&Rename for organising files, it’ll rename my entire collection (maybe five hundred or so albums) quite quickly, using information from the metatags.

same here (:

For album songs:
[Music Folder]> Albums> [Artist Name]> [Album]> [Track Number] [Track Name].mp3

For singles:
[Music Folder]> Singles> [Artist Name] - [Track Name].mp3

Ben :slight_smile:

The most regular situation:

[tracknumber] artist - album - song.mp3



MP3\CD Single









“Artists” Folder:

Artist - Album - Track No. - Title

OST Folder:

OST - Movie name - Artist - Track No. - Title

VA Folder:

VA - Album - Artist - Track No. - Title

:smiley: 93,942 Files, 92.5GB :smiley:

Excellent :wink:
M3U / PLS is placed in the main music folder :wink:

I have one folder for all of my music, but each album has it owns folder within. Songs are named by song title only, but I use Creative’s MediaSource, which also sorts songs by album, artist, genre, or even by personal rating. All of that information is part of the ID3 tag, so I don’t use artist or album in the file name.

I also prefer WMA over MP3…better sound, smaller file size at the same bitrate setting.

Artists/{artist name}/{album title}/01. {track title}

Compilations/{album title}/01. {artist} - {track title}

Sets/{artist} - {set title}

Genres/{genre}/{artist} - {track title}

Music-Folder{Album Title-Folder}{Disc Number-Folder}{Filename}

{Track Number} {Artist} - {Title}

e:\Music\D-Techno 10\CD 2\03 DJ Duro - Cocain MF.ogg

i don’t save playlists, i use WinAMP’s Media-Library…
i also store some information (Album Title…) in the file-tags, so i can easily and fast access everthing i search from the WA-Library… :slight_smile:






That’s how I do. A lot of renaming.

Yes, this is a must if you use a portable mp3 device. All my media is correctly tagged from habit formed during the 3 years I didn’t have a car and used portable audio devices.

of course…
i also save complete tags because of the WA-Media-Library, it uses tags instead of filenames (in general). So all my tags are complete and as complete as needed: Artist, Title, Album - that’s it, nothing more needed for me… :wink:


My Documents > My Music > Cradle of Filth > Nymphetamine > 02 - Gilded Cunt.mp3

I use Winamp for all my ID3 tags. All done manually - does anbody know any automatic programs, that look for the ID3/2 tags and download them off the internet?

Tag&Rename is a good one with a lot of features, although your ripping program should also be able to retrieve the tags from either CDDB or FreeDB.

did you have to choose the song with the word “cunt” in it? :wink:

“cunt” is one of the few words not said iften on CDFreaks, look

none…mp3s are a mess right now. just have my media libraries (itunes, winamp) add all found mp3s and play stuff on “random” all the time (just skip forward if i don’t like the tune). i really need to clean out my iPod…40gb been full for over 6 months.

D:\Mp3z, Music Vidz\Full Albums\Goldie Lookin’ Chain\Greatest Hits\08 - Your Mother’s Got A Penis.mp3