What'a BD-R media that last a few decades?

say you have valuable family photos, you want to store them in BD R, you think they would last a few decades?

Is there any white paper on the long term reliability of a BD R?

As a pressed music CD back at least 15 to 20 years ago, I can still listen to just fine. So I’m hoping for a BD R that last a few decades.

The media hasn’t been around long enough for any issues to surface. And as with ANY backups, they should be checked periodically to ensure they are still functional. Also, any important data should be saved to multiple sources.

Didn’t they have some sort of test to somehow age the Blu Ray and see how reliable the data is? I recall when Magneto-OPtical Disk first came out, the test show the media last 10.2 years, surely they didn’t wait 10 yr. to give out that data. So there must be some sort of test, similar to whatever stress test they done to MO disk media, to test how long the media last

Such tests cannot be afforded by “mortal beings”.