What you will need to watch blue laser movies on a PC

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 The  website, [H]ardOCP, has interviewed a rep from over at nVidia, in order to get  some feedback on just what it will take to enjoy full resolution blue laser  content on a PC. The PC is the...
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Blue ray and HDDVD suck hairy asses. I hope both formats burn in hell :frowning:

Please don’t “candy coat” your thoughts - tell us how you feel! :+ I agree though, I think the DRM is out of control on this. It also has little to do with piracy, as the sheer size of these files makes it prohibitive IMHO. It is all about adding new ways to charge us to perform what were once free actions guaranteed by our fair use rights. Therebye further enhancing the already outrageous profits for the movie industry :frowning:
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I’ll just wait for Slysoft to release AnyBD/HD-DVD, and CloneBD/HD-DVD :slight_smile:

It’ll be broken and I won’t be surprised if happens in the near future.

Or someone find a solution…what a piece of S***! :+

This kind of copy protection is outrageous, and Intel helping the movie industry isn’t good news for the consumer either. I can’t blame the first poster’s reaction, as this stinks in so many ways. You might as well have Hollywood in consumer’s homes handcuffing them to chairs, blindfolding them and then putting earplugs in their ears–then they play the copy-protected movie title! :c

if they plan on bugging me like that; i will simply hit the books…that is they won’t put DRM on books in near future

I’d start reading every book I’d find interest in at a bookstore before buying DRM work. I agree with shimman, least they won’t DRM books. Haha they’re going to put microchips in books so you can’t let your friend borrow it. At least books don’t install spyware drm rootkits without telling me. :+

I have been reading this throughout the day and I’m impressed with the comments. 1. Yes the DRM crap sucks I’ll agree. 2. You do have a choice to move forward or eventually become extinct. LOL 3. As far as the rootkits goes they can’t do this without the buyers consent I believe and they can’t force you to install such to watch a movie either. I’m not in favor of the new formats but with higher prices and tighter encryptions that’ll spell a fix with some software and or firmware. I try to think on a basic basis so we are not force to use as it feels like this is being said here we have the choice to not use but honestly think about it those that do without will lose actually. Example the same thing went on for the increase in gas prices what happen hardly anyone boycoted this as they see that you just got to pay to continue. Yes it is a different example over this current topic but I think I drew the picture good enough here. I don’t like the crap that’s being thrown at us but I want a movie collection at home too.

I use a Panasonic SW-5582 and InterVideo WinDVD BD edition. Oh and BTW, this article has no specifics on what you will need to watch blue laser movies on PC’s… it was alll so generic!

Never mind by Jan 1st 2007 , in Australia any end user in possession of any device that circumvents any Technological Protective Mechanism will be subject to fines of upto AUD $6,500(I can picture in my , a little 9 year Oliver in dishevelled clothes with his modchipped Xbox) on the evidence table explaining why he deliberately broke the 2007 Australian DMCA Act, and in an adult court his dad pleading guilty on the same charge and being given a 5 year jail sentence plus family home confiscated to pay the fine, with his unemployed wife and remaining 3 children turfed out to live in the streets) Yes any form of DRM,is bad bad news indeed, hopefully these so called players will be left in the dust with the newer form of multiterabyte holographic optical drives!:r

Once we had a world with a patchwork of kingdoms run by kings. Now we live in a patchwork of corporate kingdoms run by “lawmakers” puppeteered by lobbyists. Messengers of the CEO’s. The new Kings. Things never reallly change. Like the old song by the Who- Meet the new boss…same as the old boss. :d

Come on people… Don’t buy into this garbage… Who needs it? I like the vast majority are happy with DVD. My ever expanding local World of video store, you can rent for 1 euro a night - That’s what makes sense. Browse Usenet, one can find all the lastest releases, 95% percent are not worth downloading anyway, It’s free and thats fuckn saying something. I own over 7000 original cds, Only recently thanks to free music on the net that I started to ‘BUY’ again, Add Recent Dylan, Petty. I don’t understand all this DRM, sell the Original for 2 or 3, goodbye pirates, everyone is happy right? Greed. All this new unwanted technology is doomed b4 it begins.

i need to watch blue movie vedios on a pc.

i really need to watch a blue film