What writer i should buy?

Hy guys.

I need buy a writer to burn x-box 360 games, with verbatim medias.
I have Samsung Sh-182D e LG GSA-4160B, and both only write theses medias in 2.4x.
Pioneer DVR 112D its a good idea, or it has another better?


Ps. Sorry for bad english

Have you read the forum rules?
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And where are the doublepost???

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I think chef is referring to the fact that you already mentioned what DVDRW in the ‘problems with 182’ thread.
Anyway the Pioneer is possibly one the favourites right now for your needs. :cool:

Oh sorry, i really forgot…

And thanks for the tip, bur DVR112 or DVR111?
LG H22 its good?

Newegg reviews of Pioneer 112D show some users had problem with CD-R burning though: