What writer for best quality burns




I didn’t follow the DVD hardware and media for a while
am trying to catch up now and keep up to date but it’s a lot :eek: :iagree:

I saw that there was a sort of similar thread concerning my question but didn’t wanna highjack that thread…

so, someone in my family is looking for a new internal DVD-writer
speed is not important, quality burns are the most important
it will be used for CD (TY) and DVD (TY, MMC)

what drive would you recommend?
thanks in advance!


LG would be my recommendation - either the 4163B or the 4167B. :slight_smile:


If you are interested in RAM media I agree with Arachne. If you want to do also scans, I suggest you a benq 1650/1655 (the only difference is that 55 have lightscribe feature, if you need it).

Too bad LG drives can’t do scans :frowning:


But they do turn out some real quality burns…as long as you feed them good media - which, according to the original post, shouldn’t be a problem. :bigsmile:


With stock firmware, my Plextor PX716 is hard to beat for quality. I also give props to BENQ drives, NEC’s give good burns,as do Lite_on, Pioneer, and LG. But for out of the box burn quality, the old Plextors were good. I have noticed that a lot of the duplicators are now sporting Pioneer drives, if that tells you anything.


I must say that I’m a bit surprised that almost nobody mentions Plextor (king of quality?) on the forums or Sony


You can’t avoid to mention that plextor drives are also the most costly, not anybody can afford them :wink:


Give it time, you’ll have a whole host of brand/manufacturer recommendations by tomorrow!


On such good media as you use all burners gives their best. I would recommend Benq for fake media due to its solidburn feature.


Like you’ve mentioned BenQ, also shouldn’t be a problem with the new Plextor’s



Plextor doesn’t seem to be “king of Quality” any more, and Sony is just a rebadger of Liteon or Benq drives (Also Plextor sells drives based on Benq Technology). So why buy a copy if you can get the original for less money?



makes sense :slight_smile:

the drives won’t be used to scan
they are mainly meant to burn CD’s and on the second place DVD’s
lightscribe could be a nice plus but not important

are LG drives good for cd burning as I’ve read that some brands and types of dvd writers perform poor when it comes to cd’s…


Yes, but only the 740 and 750 for example. The 755/760 are real plextors.



That’s right. According to an article published in german c’t magazine, Plex 755 was not better than Benq 1650/1655.
In former times, Plex was famous to read any CD claiming to be a music CD. Today the new models are not better than the far cheaper brands.
But I don’t want to bash Plextor, I think, they might have their advantages, too, wich would justify the high price tag :slight_smile:




My 4163B performs good in writing CDs, although max speed is “only” 40x. You may check the reviews published on cdfreaks.com, there are some DVD-writers, that are also excellent CD writers, but some apparently don’t perform very well with CD-RW.



As Michael said, my 4163 (and my 4167) seem to write CDs very well…compared to my LiteOn, which I guess does a “passable” job.

For CD burning, I’d always go with a CD burner preferably…:slight_smile:


just been checking the scans of the BenQ DW1655 in the BenQ forum and it looks great
[B]Arachne[/B], are the results from your LG’s approx the in the same range?


also I read in the thread that someone wouldn’t recommend the LG 4167B over the BenQ 1655 as the BenQ should give better quality burns…
question is offcourse if it’s test proven or personal preference…


Just looked at the scans in that thread…yeah, give or take a PIF or two, they’re pretty similar.

That “test vs. personal preference” is a good point - I must admit, my own opinions are based on experiences with LG only, and since I don’t own a BenQ I can only go by what I read about them!

Based on that BenQ DW1655 thread, I’d say go for either drive. That DW1655 looks pretty nice, wouldn’t mind adding one to my own collection!



Have you seen this thread? Might help you make up your mind.