What Writer burns Safedisc2?

Does anyone know which writers can burn Safedisc2 copy protected cd’s so you don’t have to use cracks or emulators
and you can play the games on any PC?

Do they excist???:confused:

PLEASE do a search in the groups.

Yes they are available but you need certain types of hardward to do it. Normally CD writers correct the data they write for integrity but safedisc 2 requires a drive which can write correct EFM codes.

You can get more info from the board

Will the Lite-On 12102b or 24102b do the job?

the 24102b is probably better it is the one I own. Not sure if it reads the errors very quickly, though. I own a Toshiba DVD drive 1602 which reads ok and the write with the liteon should work

All writers can do correct EFM encoding because they have to! They all have an EFM lookup table in their chipset. The trick, however, with SD2 is to write correctly encoded “regular bit patterns” which most writers are not set up to do because they have to fiddle with the three ‘merge bits’. Just a technicality.

SD2 writers here http://www.geocities.com/pcp-freak/4cdfreaks/SafeDisc2.html

Thanks for your reply’s

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