What write parameter required to set to Burn DVDs



I am writing burning s/w for DVD. Would you please tell me what are the “write parameters” to be set in the "write paramerter mode page( Page Code=0x05) ".
When I try to write a data into the DVD media its giving me an error with Senskey= 0x5,
Additional Sence code= 0x30, Additional sense code qualifier= 0x10. description for these codes are mentioned in the SPC-3(scsi primary commands-3) document.


What program are you burning with?
Have you tried Imgburn?


I am writing my own CD/DVD burning s/w. I can set the [B]

[LEFT]Write Parameters Mode Page (Page Code 05h) parameter using MODE_SENSE and MODE_SELECT commands for CDs correctly.

But how/what to set the Write Parameters Mode Page (Page Code 05h) parameter for DVDs.[/LEFT]


Sorry, I misunderstood your question