What write method for rw media?

Hi Everyone!
I’m trying to backup Doom III with my liteon 52327s and alcohol 1.9.2. I made a few coasters so far. Now I made another image read at 1x. some suggested I burn to rw media. What “Write Method” do I use? SAO. TAO. DAO+Raw, or ???
any other suggestions are appreciated. I’ve erased a disc “FULL” to be ready.
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Just use the SafeDisc or SafeDisc 2/3 profile and they’ll choose DAO+RAW for SafeDisc automaticly. You don’t have to change it by yourself.

Can any burners do SAO-raw mode?

I don’t know about old burners but the new models normaly can write RAW-SAO mode.

Has anyone tried burning a safedisc 3 backup in RAW-SAO mode instead of RAW-DAO? My 48x liteon doesnt support this method so i’ve never been able to test it.