What would you use?

I’m looking to do a run of 500 - 1000 burns for an independent music release on an 8 disc burner. Wondering about CD-R brands, seems Ritek for price, TY for quality. Huge difference? Thanks.

Are you looking for a repeat customer? If so, TY’s

For that many burns, although more expensive, I would opt for the better quality media. IMO you will have less problems/headaches in the long run. Check around for sales on good media such as TY, Fuji, TDK. Even a little savings can add up to quite alot when you’re talking 500-1000 burns. Good luck

I get 'em pressed if you’re doing that many. I can tell you from personal experience, when you’re doing a run of 500-1000, you can get them pressed and packaged for a decent price, and think of all the time you will save.

If you refuse to get them pressed then use Ty, Fuji, or TDK. Try to go with the presses though, they will turn out much better.

^^ this guy’s a pro :wink:

Indeed, getting that quantity pressed is the best way to go. It is the most timely and professional solution.

However, if that option is completely out of the question (say if you’re making these CDs for a fledgling local band or if these CDs are going to be given away) definitely go with higher quality media.

The headache and problems you’ll bypass going this route is worth the extra money. Plus, you want people to play these CD’s right?

Also on the side of pressing, you know that pressed discs will read pretty well for years. We can’t be certain how well even the best TY discs will hold out after 5 years of use.