What would you tell your 12 year old you?

Just read this on Slashdot a couple of days ago, and was planning to post it here earlier, but the site raised an intresting question: What would you tell your 12 year old self, if you could go back in time and meet yourself?

I would probably tell myself that everything in life is about balance and finding it, that I really needed to get an extra server before 2003 and that I should stay away from dansmug :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m actually pretty satisfied with the things I did in the past, I just wish I had learned faster, but well thats just the way life works I guess…

“go do some sports, fatass!!”
:bigsmile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I would tell my 12 year old self the winners of all the horse races for the past 6 years. I would be a millionaire!!! :cool:

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I would tell my 12 year old self the winners of all the horse races for the past 6 years. I would be a millionaire!!! :cool:
Same but with the lottery ticket winner numbers.


Back to the Future II anyone?

Well i would tell my 2 yr old self to not to go offroading and get a big fat ticket, i would tell him to start exercising, work, and do well in school.

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Back to the Future II anyone?

Yea, that was the intended joke…

I wouldnt talk to my 12 year old self. He would beat my ass in roller hockey. I wouldnt go near him so I wouldnt lose my self esteem.

but your bigger than your 12 yr old self and could kick your own ass and not feel a thing now.

“go to the school dances” aha

Of course there are things I would like to change, but I think I wouldn’t tell my 12 year old self anything. Life wasn’t always easy but I’m glad with the way it turned out. Am happy at the moment and hope it stays that way :slight_smile:

What i would tell my 12 year old me :

“Go to school ! Idiot ! Study !”

“Stay off the fat food !”

“Keep the ZX spectrum , for in 2 months there will be a pc emulator”

“Talk to chicks more”

I don’t think i will tell him anything though… i like my life , it could use a little more money and girls , but i like it anyway.

buy microsoft shares!



i.e. make lots o’ money in the future :cool:

Someone said Microsoft shares.
I would definitley would do that, and I would also beat the 12 year old self up, because he got rid of the coca-cola shares his parents purchased for him when he turned 18. That dumb-ass, whoa wait a minute, thats me.

Talk the parents into that computer a lot easier that it is now…

In high school, say yes when that hottie (that became a super modal) asks you out. Rather than just keep walking…

Oh, the pain I feel today.

Other than that, same thing as everyone one else said: Lottory numbers, etc.

Wouldn’t that cause a paradox? :wink:

Anyway, I’d say to myself when I’ll grow up not to come back in the past to meet my young me to suggest him anything… I like my life as it is. :slight_smile:

Confusing isn’t it?

Funny question. I would tell myself a lot of things, most of which aren’t appropriate for this message board… The one thing I would stress though is to practice harder on the guitar, learn some warm up exercises (tiger balm smells awful let me tell you), and never let anybody prevent you from playing.

“Go speak to that 12 yr-old girl you’re obsessing about”
Or else you’ll still regret it 10 years later.:o

lottery # etc etc oh and stop 911 from happening and becom a hero ! :cop:

A difficult question…So much i have in mind! But i am happy with my life and it wouldn’t be the same if i knew what i know now.

For sure not to reject a specific girl after some years.