What would you recommend for a hard drive given

What would you recommend for a hard drive given that I have a samsung sp1416c.

It is 4 years old and I am getting very nervous about it dying.

I only want 250gb and internal and sata

most important is extreme reliability and speed.
It must be superior to my samsung


there is not much difference if you compare the HDDs from the 4 big manufacturers.
My 120 GB Samsung IDE HDD (don’t remember the exact model # atm) is still going strong, so I would just check the SMART status of that HDD regularly.

The other HDD in my system is a WD 3200AAKS. One platter only, so it is rather fast and runs silent and cool. I’d buy that drive again :iagree:


I would stay go with WD blue or black carvier drives. They have been good for me since I used them from IDE and now to Sata. My last 100G carvier drive started going out this year after 6 years of having it. So I switched to two 500G WD blue drivers and they are quiet and barely noticed are running. But I would say check on the warranty as well and read the reviews of the HDD on Newegg even if you not going to buy but to give you a insight as to buyer’s experiences with the drives are. And then decide what drives you want to get. Might not be a whole lot of difference in HDD but just from my experience WD been good to me.