What would you like to see in Any DVD 6?



This was here and now gone?

I just thought that since it can rip VOB files maybe impliment it to do it in ISO format as an option to the user, or is this where you suggest DVD Decrypter or CloneDVD?


Wasn’t there a similar thread before?
Personally i think let the developers do what they’d like to do, sure it also depends on the customers and their needs, the customer is the king, who will pay later for a good product. But you see with the anydvd ripper feature for example that it only could be better with further updates.


Yes there was but it was deleted or lost…Anyway I thought I’d start another one again and give a suggestion that I’d like as an option to do VOB files or an ISO in the user configuration. I also figured the question was a long shot too.


I would rather see AnyDVD just do what is does right now. I always feel that when one bit of software gets too complicated is just gets bloated and full of bugs.

I always believe in right tool for the right job. If you want to make ISO use DVDDecrypter - it is great at doing it (especially with AnyDVD removing the protection). Or if you are after 1:1 copying use CloneCD.

Again, my personal feeling is that AnyDVD should just remove protection on a DVD so that people can then choose what application they want to use to after that to do what ever they want!


MY sentiments exactly…


AnyDVD does what it is supposed to do, and does it well. I see no point in changing it, it works well. You can’t expect AnyDVD to become an “all in one” solution, and that is exactly what threads like this are all about. :iagree:


AnyDvd does a great job already…if they stay tuned on regular updates,it’s enough for my dvdbackup needs.
Now if Slysoft would focus on CloneCd to beat those other ***** copyprotections,for me,that’s more interesting than adding new features on AnyDvd… :stuck_out_tongue:


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I have a suggestion

there is one change I’d like to see made I’d like to see anydvds rip to disk function expand and become a little more useful

let me try to explain what I mean

say I have a dvd I want to rip to disk now normally I would rip the whole dvd to disk and then delete the bits I don’t want now the problem with this approach is that it requires manual editing of the disk structure to remove all references to the deleted contents so that the disks structure doesn’t become invalidated

now as we know this is a complex time consuming process that should only be attempted by people that really know what there doing and is way beyond the skill level of all but the most technically skill people

so when using anydvds rip to disk function a little box should open up to allow the user to select what bits he/she wants to keep and which he/she wants to remove

which brings me nicely to my next request which runs along the same lines as before but this time regarding the dvd menus

now in clone dvd there is an option to preserve the dvd menus now although this function works quite well it has one flaw when I preserve menus I only want to preserve menus for my language clone dvd don’t give me this option it just automatically preserves all menus when I only want to preserve the menus for my language

now this can be remedied if you know what your doing but again this requires manual editing of the disk structure to remove all references to the deleted menus in order to prevent invalidating disk structure

so what I am proposing is that

when using anydvds rip to disk function anydvd should allow the user complied control over exactly what bits of the dvd they want to rip to there disk

so once the user has selected what parts of the dvd they want to keep what if any menus system they want to keep and what audio and subtitle tracks they want to keep and they have previewed there selection to ensure that everything is correct

anydvd should then scan the ordinal disk structure comparing it to the users selection then automatically correct the disk structure appropriately before ripping it to disk


What you want is a whole new program it seems clonedvd may impliment this who knows.


What you want is a whole new program

whole new program ?? not really that being said it I’m under no illusions that it would be a pretty big change and would require a lot of work to implement

it seems clonedvd may implement this who knows.

although clone dvd does come close to what I need I find that it falls just a little short of the mark that being said cant say I’ve found anything that comes closer if they just fixed the preserve menu function so that I have the option to chose what menus I want to preserve instead of being forced to preserve all menus then this would be a step in the right direction

I would also like to see the burning engine in clone dvd improved I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with it by any means but I’ve noticed when I use clonedvd to burn my dvd copies there are points on the copies where there are minor imperfections and I can only assume that this is caused by improper burning on clonedvds part as these imperfections don’t appear on the ripped copy of the film on my hd that being said it could be the compression that is causing this maybe if clone dvd added an advanced deep scan function similar to that in DVD Shrink this problem could be eliminated


AnyDVD should (continu) to do what it is doing so well, no more - no less. A reason why it is updated so often, I think. For other things, you have CloneDVD or similar softs. Stay that way AnyDVD :bow:
Just my 2 cents.


I just had a small suggestion and want to say sorry to the support staff and support users for making this thread. :sad:


You will receive now 20 strokes, 15 whips and 5 minutes without Internet :bigsmile:


HD-DVD / Blu-ray protection removal. :bow: