What would you like to see in A-Ray Scanner?


Well PC finnaly arrived so I started to work on A-Ray Scanner again. I already fixed some bugs and added new protections. But I would like to see some ideas from you what to add to future A-Ray. I have few ideas but I would like to see some from you. Please stay in reality don’t ask for Sector Version detection and stuff like this please :slight_smile: Or starforce remover…



A-Ray is great, I can hardley think of what to add.

I guess, personally, I would like to see a feature, that lists and tells a little about each protection.

Aside all the popular ones, there are some rare and unheard of protections people know nothing about, maybe add a button or something that can pop up a small window to give a small brief explaination of each protection, I mean you must have 30 or so that are check for as of now… right?

To add something to xtacydima’s story, maybe ad some titles of CD’s/DVD’s that have those rare and unheard protections, so that people can try to buy them for experimenting so they can give feedback on those protections to.

Maybe … I don’t know anything more at the moment --> it’s already a great product!!

Keep up the good work.

Maybe some quick updates for small bugs, but that’s not really a big (necessary) improvement.

A-Ray is so good, i can only think of one thing that could make it better. Some kind of “Submit Results” feature, where it can send the info gained to some Db somewhere to give a comprehensive list of the protections everyone has found. This is probably not feasable (the Db would probably be too big, its take a bunch of bandwidth to handle submissions, and so on), but its the only way i could see a great program like A-Ray become an amazingly great program.

I think Portmacs list is kinda like a database already.

I agree, I think adding a database to A-Ray would just add unneeded size to the download.
Portmacs site is perfect for all your needs.
Also I believe makeabackups list is coming along nicely too.

hmmm… i think adding a desciption of each protection like alcoholer 4.1, but when it has detected a protection automatcly loads the setting for it, abit like clony xl (not xxl)

  • ben


Adding this would cause illegality aray in some countries. Thats why I have not added it.

oh ok?? so why is alcoholer legal? :confused:

oh ok?? so why is alcoholer legal?
I would really love to know that.
Id see to see hmm, i dont know, im content!

Check german law…and who is talking about alcoholer here ?

I dont speak German. Perhaps youd like to get a line from it or something.

Babel Fish does.

ok, i dont really understand why alcoholer that R!Co made is legal but puting the features it has into A-Ray would not be :confused: