What would you like to know about MP3 CD players?

I have got 2 new MP3 CD players from a company and I will be reviewing them in a few days, but I would like to know, what is important to YOU when buying a MP3 CD player, in other words, what would you like to be tested in the review ?

I’m planning to review the battery use, shockprotection, MP3 bitrates etc, more suggestions are very welcome !

Capacity (Smartmedia, Memorystick, hdd, Compact Flash)
Features (line-in, line-out, recording)
Options (what extra options are possible: car kit, remote control)
Ease of installation
Ease of use (compatibility)
Size/weight (including batterypack)

to name a few things

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
…to name a few things

Is there something else to name?! :stuck_out_tongue:

Spose it goes without saying, but how about Price? :slight_smile:

And maybe battery life.

Hope this helps.


design and quality of ear phones.

The display should be easy to read, with information about the mp3 being played. Also, navigation around the disk, stepping through folders, selection of multiple mp3s for playing.
Upgradability of the operating system so that newer codecs ie mp3PRO can be integrated.

Also media supported eg. 8cm media and CD-R, CD-RW media and the quality of the sound compared to MP3s on our computers.
I don’t want one with a tinny sound.:wink:

I myself own a mp3 player and things I’ve come across as useful would be playlist maker/storer. Also, how easy is it to read the display at night (illumination).

The time it takes to read/scan and Cd-R and a CD-RW.
and most important Battery life should be the longest when playing mp3’s and not normal Audio Cd’s.

One other thing. Does it have a built-in charger for rechargeble battries and how long does it last once charged.