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Help Finding DVD Recorder with VCR recording

I want to be able to record TV programs onto DVD when I’m not home. I still have cable.

Yes, I still have VCR tapes I want to convert to DVD and I’d like to format them in the newest format (I can’t keep up). I have no interest in the Blu-Ray stuff because it is still expensive and I doubt I’ll find a Blu-Ray with a VCR option.

Should I try converting my VCR tapes and making back up copies of my DVDs on my computer rather than using a DVD recorder?

After reading all of the warnings about copying DVDs using the computer, I wonder if it is easier to make a backup copy using a DVD recorder? I suppose you wouldn’t get the chapters and extra stuff and you would have to do it in real time so it could take forever.

Well, as a newbie and with Christmas coming up, what DVD recording machine would you recommend? Some are on sale at Circuit City. However, when I read reviews, it appears that some are very picky about what DVD discs you use. I would hate to run into the problem of making a recording just to discover that it didn’t work because you used the wrong brand of DVD discs!

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!