What would you do if



ok, here is the setting:

You are at your house watching TV, you flip over to CNN (or whatever news channel you got) and they annouce that a big fucking meteorite is about to sodomise the earth so profoundly that we are all going to die (In those exact same words…)
You realise that you have got 3 hours before you die, What would you do???


Take out my 12-gauge pistol grip, open the window and shoot everybody I see walking/driving by.


Take out my camera :slight_smile:


Steal whatever I want. And jump on a bike and go to *****'s house. Some of you older guys might need Viagra though :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


i’d care about NOT getting in Stoner’s way… :wink:


i’d read “anarchist for dummies”


I would play another game of DOOM3.


buy a shotgun and kill’em all :slight_smile:
all people pass nearby , shoot their brains off :slight_smile:


i would pay everything for a ticket to the moon!


Sorry DOOM3, but I’m with bcn_246! :stuck_out_tongue:


tnx :p, if the moon was full… ermmm… id get in a bunker.


And how are you going to get:

-To a launch pad
-An empty shuttle (all would be bought by rich-ass people)
-A way to get to the moon without being sucked by the meteorite’s gravitational pull

All in 3 hours!


Grab 4x4 from mom


blast off in other direction (if meteor is hitting the US, blastoff at Africa or so)

Err… damn …


i dunno… was just making a suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d click my heels and keep repeating to myself, “there’s no place like home, there no place like home, there’s no place like home…”


Grab 4x4 from mom
Arrgh! I thought you were not a USA speller!! Mum!


If there was no wa around death…I would go fuck as many women i can in the three hours and be doing one when it hits


hmm interesting…


ok… :wink:


I’d have a threesome in public or so :slight_smile: