What would you do if



Here in the Netherlands there is a somewhat of a hype at the moment, because the state lottery has two prizes of each EUR 25,000,000 to be won. The commercial on tv shows people who give away a lottery ticket as a christmas present. Their slogan is “Fun to give, perhaps a bit too much to receive”…

The above made me wonder, what would you do if a friend/relative gave you, what turns out to be, the winning ticket and you won EUR 25,000,000…

Would you keep it all to yourself, would you share it equally, would you give it all back…

What would YOU do?


I would share but not equally. I would also give some of it to some family members and a few friends.


I would share as well. Not equally, but more than enough for my relatives and friends to pay off their debts and/or mortgages.


I would hire all the best therapists/caretakers etc… and buy a house that would be able to accomodate my Mother until she passes…

would buy a really big bag of cheesies

setup a couple of friends that have been there for me when I was down and out

Oh and prolly give some to Bro too

Then I would become invisible :bigsmile:


I would first…buy all my friends tickets to come to my wedding so there would be no excuse for them not coming…then pay off all my friends debts…big or small…put some back for brayden to live comfortable and give a big chunk to charity


I would have no problems accepting the fact that the ticket was mine, but I would not forget about family. I would also try to set something up for the food banks & those that shelter the homeless in our area, not just bulk cash, but something that would help them ongoing.


I would also split 50/50


I would split it but probably not equally. Kinda depends on the person who gave it to me.
Then I would pay off all of me and my brothers’ college stuff. Buy all the nursing stuff my gf needs for nursing school and, after tithing, put everything else in the bank until i’m graduated.


I would look after family, friends or relatives generously.

[li]The first thing I would do is cut off my phone, Cell only.[/li][/ul]

[li]Have all mailing goto to a post box.[/li][/ul]

[li]Consult a investment planner to maximize the profit gains without high risk so there is money for generations in my family to come.[/li][/ul]

[li]Live a conservative lavish life style, nothing really over the top.[/li][/ul]



I’d split it equally with the person who bought me the ticket.

I’m sure I’d have plans for the rest, but the main things I would do are, make sure my family is comfortably off…and give a nice chunk to the Cats’ Protection League :iagree:


id give a lil to the person who gave me the ticket n also to my family…


I would share with the person who gave me the Ticket ( how much depends who it was)
Set up collage funds 4 my Boys.
Start a Shelter for Street Children.(ask the person who gave me the Ticket to Help)


[B]Share it but not equally[/B]


Easy to say now since I didn’t win, but I’d probably split it 50/50.


I want to live out a fantasy that my father planted in my brain as a young child…

I want a bulldozer and a medium sized wharehouse filled with silver coins and I want to push the coins around in piles with the bulldozer
like Scrooge McDuck. :slight_smile:




I would split it 50/50
And retire so i can play on the computers more.


What is this “Euro” you speak of?


[QUOTE=Zathros;2192831]What is this “Euro” you speak of?[/QUOTE]

A currency that appears to be stronger than many other currencies…which makes it cheap for us Europeans to shop in US and UK too now :wink:


That’s just wonderful,:clap: I see a Chevrolet or Buick in your future. How about a bridge in New York City? I can get it for a steal!!:iagree: