What would you do if you where for one day master of CDFreaks?



Well tell us, what would you do if you where for one day master of CDFreaks?

I think I would go for adding more smilies like etc, deleting (really) long signatures and creating a new forum called Yoojin Shin where Kenny can post all the pics and video’s of his daughter. :stuck_out_tongue:

The posting limit is tempting also. :wink:


Open up the secret pr0n archive!

I think I would go for adding more smilies

clogs up bandwith

deleting (really) long signatures


and creating a new forum called Yoojin Shin where Kenny can post all the pics and video’s of his daughter.

Kenny has a multitude of 100MB internet connections if i remember correctly. It’d be better if someone donated him a webserver :slight_smile:


So why didn’t you voted for that in the poll??

You can make multiple selections. :iagree:

Note: it’s an open poll … so everyone can see what you voted. :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile:


It’s a public poll? Um. I think I’ll refrain from voting, then. :wink: Though more smilies would be nice. Or at least better looking ones. Anyone else think that the sarcastic ( :rolleyes: ) smilie looks more like some guy blinking in shock than someone rolling their eyes like ? The smilies at rpc1.org are by far the best, IMHO. :wink:

These are the ones that I really like:
Did you just crosspost, you naughty boy?
Let’s celebrate!
Mmm, donuts; drool:
Thank you! (personally, I really dislike the :bow: smilie; this is better)
That’s funny:
Did I do that?

And my favorite one:


put the nec forum off-line :slight_smile:


I think I have indicated enough times what I would do. :slight_smile:


Ban! :bigsmile:


Hm… Once tried to collect thousands of smiles, but couldn’t find a good set.


Popular ones.

On most South Korean web forusm, this is used most often: “^^”


I would give myself a huge avatar that would be at least 360kb (who cares about modems? :D)


I still own some webservers (all on Linux), just mostly out of active service. I also have about 50 domains and some of them are dedicated to my small family.

Bandwidth and hardware components are not problems and I can have enough pictures and video to fill all the hard disk space. What I don’t have is an extra hand. :sad:

Someone actually gave me some phone calls, PM’s, etc. for some business proposals this week again. I’m tired to answer that I’m not ready for anything except some random works. I once had a phone conversation with him for about 6 hours (or maybe it was 10 hours) which ended at 6 or 7 AM while both I and my wife were still at office. The outcome from that phone conversation was something like US$20K spent on nothing. Spam me hard enough and you will the same US$20 transferred to your bank account.


I’d add a new forum called everyone can post but Namoh…(posting limits for me pshaw)…and yeah they do need more smilies here…actually theres a hack for v boards to get more smilies…

oh and oh yeah…i’d make the avatars 100x100 at least…


From Sea God.


Such files can be uploaded by members and then the forum software can automatically create 150*150 thumbnail image files per each. Though they’d still occupy some server HDD space. Once the forum’s phpBB had be reinstalled freshly, all those images seemed to take most of the windows and they had to be manually downloaded, resized, and uploaded again.


Hm… 150 horizontal pixels shouldn’t make it too long. That one’'s still just 6KB.


I would close all forums except the Living Room and the Private Room (aka the p0rn forum). I would ban anyone who doesn’t post in the Word Association Game at least once. I would go away with text signatures and have pix signatures instead. I would add more smilies. I would…


see i’ve got Kenshin on my side…much better size pic …i can actually see you and the baby…in that one…


Methinks … I’d create a “Sealed section” for over 18’s (and for under 18’s that lie about their birthdate).

I’d create a “noob free” forum where all posting users require more than 366 post count.

I’d create a new “Appz, Warez & Downloadz” forum & would disable the “new thread” button so that no-one can post in it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d close all threads with last post more than 2 months old, and archive it, so it could be accessed, but never resurrected.

Give derogatory custom user titles to those desperately deserving them & rename “new to forum” with noob.

All noobs would automatically get a “NOOB” image as their avatar, until they figured out how to upload their own avatar. Something like a Brain with the NO symbol (The circle with the stripe across it in red. ie no smoking symbol ) and NOOB written across the line in bright blue.

All noobs would automatically get a “Noob” signature, something like “Even if I knew what I was doing, I would still be a noob!” or “Do I look like I know what I’m doing?”

Link posting would be banned from users with less than 150 posts.
Noobs would be limited from posting more than 15 messages a day.

All new messages/threads from noobs would be cross referenced with previous posts (within the last few days) & would be deleted if it’s a crosspost.

All email addresses would be automatically parsed and removed from messages. Email addies can be sent via PM.


I would make CDFreaks a pay site. :wink:


Actually, I already do just that. Except I usually close, not delete. :stuck_out_tongue: I call it Newbie-Profiling. It catches a lot of crossposters, in fact. :wink:


Yes, but I was gonna suggest automatically :wink:
Where’s liggy when you need him? :slight_smile:

Who votes Gil doesn’t get crowned king for a day :stuck_out_tongue:
It’d be a death Knell for the site.
New members wouldn’t bother coming if you had to pay to view.
If they could view, you’d have to pay to post. They wouldn’t post!

Cdfreaks would eventually struggle & give up & die a slow horrible death … like a fly in a pitcher plant.


i’d size up the avatars a bit, but still having a file-size limit active, so even i (with a shitty 56k connection) could still load this site…

i’d delete all “zero-posters” and all “already one post, but already member for 12+ months members” from the member list…

i’d do some other stuff, but cannot post more atm, have to get to work… :frowning: :stuck_out_tongue:


I like these smilies:

You’re touchy!