What would you do if you were obsessed?

i’ve got some issue i have to deal with atm…i’m a 21 yo girl who’s in a serious relationship(kinda my first serious relationship),and its been 10 months or so,and i realize that i’m getting more and more obsessed with this guy,maybe coz i’m a leo and all that,controlling,curious,jealous…but its no excuse for me being this obssessed…i need to fix this,and i need u guys to gimme some good advice…i’ve just been too jealous and obsessed over nonsense lately,and it kinda freaks me out!

can you give us more specifics on the situation, so maybe someone here can give you better advice…

Spend all your extra time here when you are not eating,sleeping,working, spend time here…It’s fun and very learning enviroment…just think you can make your pc do what ever you want and when you get tired of it you can trade it in or get another one

just trying to get u to smile and forget about it for a second

I sincerely doubt that’s the case :slight_smile:

does he love you as much as you love him?

undefinedlol…u guys are great!!!actually i’m a newbie!My BF is a serious CDfreak,and i thought maybe i should check it out…yeh,i’m seriously seeking some good advice on this:I’m a little obsessed,i feel that the world is against me,and i can’t trust nobody.I checked his mobile phone SMS for a couple of times,and i got upset over what his friends told him(they told him to dump me coz i’m silly and immature)/i checked his email once and got upset coz i found out that a friend of his had a massive crush on him,and was making a move/i joined CDfreaks thinking it’s great fun,and i couldn’t help checking his old postings…stuff like that.I know it’s not very healthy,and I’m not usually like this(when i was single and carefree).Now i’m slowing turning into an emotional rollercoaster and an obsessed ‘bitch’…(maybe not THAT bad)
Advice needed!!!
By the way,guys,I turned 21 not long ago,and I’m about to graduate from my communications and marketing degree…I’m interested in PC games(urban terror/DOOM3/quake/half life…etc,my BF’s turning me into a nerd :smiley: ),music,travelling, fun stuff,but i’m no computer expert here,(compared to u guys,i’m such a newbie)…still lots to learn…

If he is on CDF all the time, won’t he see this?

You checked his e-mail…tsk tsk tsk… not nice!!!

your boyfriends first name isnt DoMiN8oR by any chance :wink:

oh btw… welcome to the wonderfull world of grey area legality.

[li]I should surf CDfreaks and become a serious CDfreak
[/li][li]I should just chill a bit
[/li][li]I should go see a doc
[/li][li]I should spend some time apart from him
[/li][li]I should learn to trust people
[/li][li]I should go back to church
[/li][li]I should do nothing and let the problem fix itself
[/li][li]I should work it out with him.
[/li][li]any advice?

what should i do?

i don’t care,probably he will see this,i just need to know what to do.

no,he’s not at all:p

start a poll!!!

thats what Mr. B would do

how do i start a poll?i’m such a newbie!!

hmm…i’m pretty sure,he’s just different personality,doesn’t show emotions,virgo,quiet,CDF nerd…etc,ya know.BUt i’m pretty sure.

make a new thread and check off poll option

<LEGEND>Post a Poll</LEGEND>
<LABEL for=cb_postpoll><INPUT id=cb_postpoll tabIndex=1 type=checkbox value=yes name=postpoll>Yes, post a poll with this thread</LABEL>
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hmm…i’m just trying to find the option"start a new thread"…its just too much info on this website…it’s all over da place man!

what is his name on CDF?

He’s a Virgo, OMG, I hope its nit Airhead… do not use entrappment on us