What would you do if you were asked to give up your dreams for freedom?



What would you do if asked to make the ultimate sacrifice?


I would go for it.


Freedom isnt free, no theres a hefty f*ckin fee!!! I Love That Song!!!


Patton indicated that his soldiers job was not to die for the US, but to make the enemy die for their country.


I’d decline. Society hardly does anything for me, so don’t expect me to do something for society.

Unfortunately that’d make me a fugitive in my own country, since i was tested ok for the military. In war time you can’t use morale as a motivation.


I wouldn’t sacrifice myself for the government and society if that’s what this poll is about. Although I’d certainly stand up for my freedoms and liberty in the face of tyranny, be it foreign or domestic.


in my heart, i’m still a soldier - i’d give everything IF it is REALLY needed…

this doesn’t make it better, since you are also part of this society that you don’t like!


Ok, I started this when I had a fever and was dizzy, but anyway, it seems to have turned into a serious conversation, so I will answer seriously.

If it was clear to me I needed to fight for what I knew was a pretty black and white case of right and wrong (for example I probably would have fought in WWII) however for wars like Iraq, then no, as I dont think it was psosing a significat threat ti my country.

Lets no let this turn into a Iraq: Right or Wrong or a Bush: Ethical or Unethical, we have had to many of those, and they just ended in a flame war, this is asking would you risk your life for your country.

Ben :slight_smile:


When you say risk your life for your Country you also have to look at what someone is told in the begining compared to what the outcome is.

In the begining all one knows it what they are told. What about someone trying to make a living for there family? You always dont do what’s right. When one signs up for the army, navy or which ever it be they are bound to serve their country for some time. And somewhere in between if they choose that they are done but have not served their time, what will happen then?

This is where I say that I do believe in the Matrix to a certain extent. Mainly where Morpheous tell Neo that this is the world and then shows him another scene and says this is the world as our government wants us to see it

So to answer your question It all depends on what I am told because the first thing in every decision I make I think of my 3 little girls and my wife. If what I am told will effect my family in any negative way then my answer is NO if it helps my family then YES

Hope I didnt confuse anyone.:slight_smile:


I couldn’t agree more. :iagree:


how would you have known that ww2 was a black and white case of right/wrong at the time? if it was so black/white, what took the combatants so long to decide to fight?

and if they knew war was coming, why weren’t they prepared? examples - see russia :wink:


What makes it black and white for me is you had a dictator who was trying to take over the world and he needed to be stoped.
Wait isn’t that what we have now? :rolleyes: :bigsmile:


I still think that WWII would have been pretty black and white, but I agree with ckin2001’s point that with hindsight it is allot easier to judge a situation, and so its hard to make a right decision at the time.


WTFs have it!!! I only have one shot at this life so there is no way in hell I am just going to throw it away for somebody else’s “noble” or right and “just” cause. My life is a very finite resource!

Remember also that violence begets violence and that an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind (I love stupid little sayings). Anyway, it leaves little room for error, and unfortunatly that is something mankind is prone to.

Finally, WWII was only really black and white to the world after the Blitzkrieg had begun. Upto that, I believe the world was hoping that a diplomatic solution would work (placate and they will be happy).