What would you consider good cheap media?

Is there any media out there that is cheap (aka like 30%-%90 cheaper than verbatim and ty media)? Looking for good quality and durability at a fraction of the cost. Prefer people that have used this media for awhile and know that it lasts at least a year or 6 months. I live in New Zealand so anyone who lives here could really help too.



Samsung Pleomax OPTODISC R16 :slight_smile:

This is the best “cheap” media that I’ve ever used , even surpasses TY/MCC quality :wink:

Agreed, I bought these as Acro Circle silvers for 19eur/100 pieces

I use Prodisc R03, and they’ve got nice results (got EPRO’s 29€/100 pieces)
Still bought in Portugal, the land of the Taxes…

I would also recommend either OPTODISCR16, Prodisc R04 (ePro branded) or maybe DAXON AZ2…

CMC or Prodisc-made discs are what I use for “everyday” purposes. :slight_smile:

I also use Ritek 16x (Traxdata branded RITEK R05) for everyday use. Most people here hate Ritek in general, but they’ve been very good to me, much better than CMC MAG M01, which is the worst media I have ever used :frowning:

All of the media we have mentioned though varies more than, say, Taiyo Yuden, so one batch may be different from another :slight_smile:

For everyday use I’ll use Optodisc R16, MIT Daxon AZ2, Prodisc R03, CMC Mag E01 & AE1, and the piles of “off-batch” MCC-004 I have laying around. :slight_smile: