What would you choose?

hey guys,

I seriously need help choosing a dvd burner for my new pc.

First of all im not sure if I should get an e-ide or a sata one.

I was seriously considering the LG GSA-H62L (18x) for sata or the LG GSA-H55L (20x) for e-ide.

I saw the Plextor one that is about 100$ but is it worth it ?

I simply want the highest quality one.

Thanks for help

Welcome to CDF’s

Can you give us some of your system hardware info. Some SATA drives don’t work well with some older mobo’s etc…

Thanks for the welcome :D,

the motherboard will be the EVGA 680i SLI A1 revision, it’s very new.

As you can see in my sig i have the LG H62L and burns good and fast. The LG H55L so far with the firmware’s out it burns crappy for speeds faster than 4:45 (20X). There are threads on both drives in LG forum here. The “N” versions of both drives are the same just without LightScribe.

Now if your interested in scanning discs for quality you will need either a Lite-On or a BenQ or a Plextor.

ok, so I guess you would recommend the 62L ? :stuck_out_tongue:

is it very high quality ? :slight_smile:

yeah i like it. My LG-H42N is the same drive just IDE instead and no LightScribe.

Read my edit above.

what do you mean scanning ? :blush:

Scanning a disc for quality. You might want to spend some time here and read about it.

If you use good media you won’t really need to. Use Taiyo Yuden brand or Verbatim brand single layer 4.7 gig and for Dual Layer discs Use Verbatim only.

ok well last question, what the difference with scanning between lg and liteon,plextor, etc ?

edit: btw you suggest sata right ? and why does the h55l have 20x and the 62l have 18x ?

LG’s don’t scan at all. Lite-On,BenQ,and Plextor do. Samsungs will but they are not very accurate but will give you an idea how the disc burned.

Just kick back and read awhile. The Samsung SH-S203B SATA drive looks promising but so far they have only showed up in Canada.

What’s your location?

Canada :smiley:

Just happened to be the number they stuck on them i guess.

ok well thanks, Im gonna order two sata ones now, im gonna get an lg 62 should the second one be the samsung or a second lg 62 ? they are both priced the same :slight_smile:

Here’s a link for the Sammy

I hate to go out on a limb and tell you what to buy. There are good and bad with all brands/models of drives. Just like any electronics.

thanks for the link, if it was you, what would the second drive be ? :smiley:

For my 1st couple drives right now, i like the LG-H62L and they Sammy S203B. But that’s just me.

exactly what I was thinking on odering, thanks a lot bud, you really helped me. buying both now. :slight_smile:

Well if you get a bad one don’t blame me. And if you think you did, come here and ask for help getting it set up before you send it back. It should be just plug and play. Read you mobo manual.

why would it be bad ?