What would you choose?

Well this is my question, which one should i get ??
Liteon SOHW-1693S or
Sony DW-D26A

They are both LiteON drives as LiteON makes sony drives. Also the 1693s has -R Dual Layer writing and is cheaper because it hasnt got the sony name.

so in quality those dvd drives are the same ?? or the liteon is a lil bit better ???

They are identical but I would take the Liteon over the Sony (I did) because you will have slightly less trouble using all the modded firmware, now and in the future.

The Sony DW-26a is a liteon 1673S.
Some people have reported troubles when flashing from 1673 to 1693. So it “might” have a tiny hardware difference betweeb both…
So get the 1693S as it is newer and it handle -RDL medias.

Bite my tongue, bichonn is exactly right. I was thinking of the DW-28, which is identical. Given the correction he pointed out, there is no question, go with the Liteon 1693.

The Lite On 1693 for sure.

Thx alot guys, i’ll follow u’re advice… i’ll get the liteon one…