What Would Jack Do?

Well, here’s what Jack did…

My daughter (18yo) and boyfriend stood in line at BullMoose music today to see Kiefer Sutherland. It was an hour +, in 95 F heat, which is outrageous for Maine, but well worth it.

She got a big hug and kiss, boyfriend got his CTU shirt and cd autographed…cd is a song by some friends - a local highschool band - dedicated to Jack…pretty good too.

She said Jack is a really nice guy, but was surprised at how “small” he is!
The “dad” in me chose not to pursue this particular line of thinking… :stuck_out_tongue: .
I’m comforted by the thought that she is 5’10"" and boyfriend is a wide receiver, etc. for the hs football team.

I also know that my daughter would never entertain any carnal thoughts/desires… :bigsmile: