What would be your top 3 choices for a new DVD Writer and why?

I have went through many 100 packs of Ritek 6-8X DVD+R with my trusty old NED 3250. I always got good transfer rate graphs from Nero CD/DVD speed.

However I killed it while trouble shooting some defective hardware.

My first impulse was just to get the newest NEC model from the same series, but instead I decided to select three drives and research each before purchasing.

I have an unopened pack of Ritek 8x+R’s so I probably want to avoid a burner which is known to have trouble with this media.

Also I was using the NEC 3520 in an Bytec USB 2.0 enclosure. I am not sure if some drives work better in enclosure than others?

Plus I might actually end up buying three different burners. One of each of the two PC I regularly use and a 3rd to go in the external enclosure.

I don’t playback burnt DVDs on any non-PC devices, but I wouldn’t mind having a burner with features that exceed my needs.

My question is

If your only DVD Writer died today what would be your top three choices for replacement and why.

but any general feedback on what drive to purchase would also be appreciated.

My question is

[B]If your only DVD Writer died today what would be your top three choices for replacement and why.[/B]

but any general feedback on what drive to purchase would also be appreciated.

First of all, Welcome to the forum!!

Here’s my answer:

  1. First choice: BenQ (1640 or 1655) - Reason: Awesome writer, yet have to see a writer with better Verb DL burns
  2. Second choice: LiteOn 16x Lightscribe version (cant remember the model name now) - terrific reader and scanner, and very good burner as well.
  3. Samsung SH-S182M - The fastest 18x writer and excellent writing quality in one package.

I feel my BenQ 1640 BSLB is the best writer and almost always end up writing with it.

I would pick one of these models:

  1. Benq DW1650/1655 - This model is one of the best all rounders out right now
  2. Liteon 165P6S/165H6S - Liteons are generally known for their great scanning capabilities, along with very good burns
  3. Pioneer 111 - This drive is also a very good all rounder, although the Benq is noticeably better on a lot of accounts

CDFreaks top choices, I am sure you can narrow it down to 3. :wink:

Top 3, hmmm.

  1. LiteOn 165P6S
  2. BenQ 1650/1655
  3. LG H10N


Lite-On 160/165 series
Plextor 760a
BenQ 1640

Thanks, I ordered the 18x Samsung because I want to try out Mt. Rainer & light scribe. I also bought a Liteon for a family member as a gift. The BenQ models people like were not in stock at my favorite online stores.

When I bought a first gen dual format burner they were all in the $350-500 price range and had compatibility issues. My 2nd burner was $100 and there were still models that needed to be avoided.

Now from the reviews there are a wide variety of sub $40 burners that have no significant problems, and the media has improved as well.

Or is that because I only read review on the top 5 or so models?

PS whats a two sheep burner and is that a good or a bad thing?

Have a read here. Click. :slight_smile:

Why not just list which drives are 1 sheep or 2 sheep and save everyone the hassle of running those tests? :slight_smile:

1-Pioneer 111 : Excellent burner
2-Benq 1640,1650 or 1655 : All around burner , scanner and ripper with plenty of features to play with , or LiteOn 160/165 .

3-The best 18X burner you can find (read reviews for yourself coz I am still confused !)

I understand that some drives are re-branded models of other drives.

Is there a listing of these re-branded drives and what hardware they are using.

I am hoping maybe the BenQ models people keep suggesting are on sale at my favorite online stores, only under a different brand.

I need at least one more burner for my own personal use. I do a bit of PC Repair and having only one burner handy was a mistake.

PS whats the deal with the prices on lightscribe media?

The DVD+R were cheaper than the CDs I almost bought. All the cost seems to be in the lightscribe surfacing.

You would think that after mastering the ability to burn 8.4 GB on to two layers of organic dye they could come up with a cheap method of darkening a label with a laser to produce a low res image.

Lightscribe disks are about 3 times regular media costs, it seems. Given how long the labels take to burn and how much money they cost, it just may not be worth it for most folks.