What would be the best suited to my system ? NEC2500A or Liteon 8x 851?

looking for best write quality for 4x -and+ and 8x -and+ media burned at 8x

i also kinda like the DataSafe 4x- Ritek media Go4

any suggestions im about to order within the next 10 minutes

well never mind.

i ordered the NEC2500A becuse writeing quality is more important to me than dvd readability in a drive

becuse i have the liteon 166-s i have a fast and great dvd ripper drive

combined with a great dvd burning quality i should be fine.

i would have gone with the liteon if only its writeing quality was good rather than its awsome readability…

i hope i made the correct choice either way its ordered i cant turn back the clock 10 minutes lol