What would be better LG 5163D or Sony 720UL?

new here ! need some assistance if someone doens’t mind :slight_smile:

which of the two, and that is all the choices ihave really is better to get

the store i bought my microsolutionbackup which is a nec 3500 the usb portion of the backup thing is having issues, and the warranty i bought is an over the counter exchange

and all i have
is a choice of the two above… i dont get all this cav pcav zclv stuff
which is a better get

The LG is the better one :slight_smile:

The Sony is a Liteon, not so good in writing quality with DVD-media.



thanks for the information
i will probably end up getting the lg from the review i just read on here

though they also offered me some benq external drive…
benq 162I, though i have never owned anything benq i dont know much about them