What would be a good DVD ROM drive to match up with a 1620

What would be a good match for a dvd rom drive for transferrig movie titles to my harddrive. Then using the BenQ 1620 to burn with. LiteOn SOHD-167T looks pretty good Any better choices to consider??



the 167T for ripping is good enough…

but i think this should be at liteon forum…

See this thread for the highly rated BenQ cousin, Aopen 1648/AAP PRO

Have you read the DVD-ROM Roundup Vol.4 review at CDRinfo?

I have 2 BenQ and 1 NEC. I’ve been using the NEC a lot lately for burning in general and the BenQ as the reader and it’s been doing wonderfully! I’m waiting for my external enclosure to arrive so I can hook up the 2nd BenQ and use that as the primary reader. :wink:

Before I had all these DVD-Burners running around I used the Samsung TS-H492A CD-RW/DVD-Rom combo and found that to do a superb job in terms of reading. I can’t say enough about the drive although it doesn’t do Disc Quality Scanning but really that’s what the BenQ is for. hehe

I have a Mitsumi 6800TE Combo drive and it is a great ripper. It reaches 16x while ripping any DVD-5 including DVD+RWs with no “speed bumps.” It does quite well with pressed DVD-9s too (can’t recall the max speed right now). Haven’t done any true sheep tests but I have extracted ISO images of SafeDisc protected CDs and they work fine.

I was hesitant when I bought it but have been very impressed.

from where can I get this mitsumi dvd rom?

I got mine at Fry’s here in San Diego. Not quite sure where you are so I really couldn’t tell you. A google search for 6800TE brings up a few hits. Doesn’t appear to be very popular.

BTW, using DVD Decrypter, I just performed an ISO rip of a pressed movie (DVD-9) and the max read rate was 10.0x with an average of 5.9x. Not bad but nothing spectacular.

The cheap DVD-Rom (usually no name brand) that Frys sells for $19 rips pressed DLs at 10X max. It is a BTC 316C,or E. Not the fastest but a pretty good reader. .

Honestly, I’d go for the Samsung TS-H492A (Widely available and is pretty popular I believe… at least Newegg still sells it last time I looked a week or so ago) or one of the Lite-On Combo CD-RW/DVD-Rom drives as already stated. If it’s one thing Lite-On does well, if not DVD-Burners, is their dvd readers and cd-burners. :wink: