What worth the BeAll dye?


What worth the BeAll dye ? Especially the BeAll G40001 ? :slight_smile:

dont get ya?? BeAll is pretty much well known as one of the worst brands going avoid at all costs.


I’ve pretty good experience with beALL, they are at last better than gigastorage, optodisc and other cheap discs.

Slightly worse than ritek and CMC though.

Ah ? Really ? I was about to order 50 disks, feeeew, u saved me a few euros :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i remember a big thread about BeAll media becoming unreadable after a few weeks, i was under the impression everyone thought it was crap, ive never used it myself though.

The bottom line is that like all cheap quality media the reviews are quite mixed, so keep that in mind when ordering. :wink:

I agree ,but I also include many LOT of CMC and Ritek 4x DVD-R discs and as
“Jesterrace” wrote " cheap quality media the reviews are quite mixed" (but in my personal experience ,never have a problem with 2 years DVD-R Beall (made in Korea),movie burn.)



That’s right, but those BeAll media were recalled and replaced. BeAll even tested the returned media, READ the disks, and gave each consumer new disks with new backup.

I don’t have bad BeAll media. The BeAll DVD media I’ve ever had or distributed (not exactly sales activity, unique of South Korean market, no profits but large amount of dealing) were all good and nobody really complained. For some time, BeAll media were just as good as Taiyo Yuden media, at least to some users.

Again, after the recall happening, I don’t trust BeAll. Trusting BeAll or not, Taiyo Yuden media are just as cheap as BeAll and Mitsubishi 16x DVD media are just as cheap as BeAll 16x DVD media. After all, isn’t that what really counts? :slight_smile: