What works in which version?

I’ve been using Nero ever since version 5.5 or so, but over the years there’ve been various things that have bothered me. These are the bugs (usually small but annoying) that come and go from version to version. I moved to Nero after being disappointed by Nero, but I’ve still got my pet peeves and I’m wondering what’s been fixed.

The main reason I simply stopped using Nero 7 was the glaring problems like the MP3 skipping bug (which apparently got fixed in and the refusal to burn cue sheets (which was a bug in Another thing that annoyed me was that often settings made in the New Compilation dialog would almost always either be forgotten (and have to be re-set) in the Burn Compilation dialog (such as Disc Label), or would be changeable in Burn Compilation but have no effect (the main culprit for this being Multisession - if a CD project was started as No Multisession, choosing Start Multisession when burning the disc would still produce a non-multisession disc for some reason). The memory usage was also unrealistically high.

With I noticed that a lot of these are fixed, but I’ve still got some issues. The memory usage is still bad, but an update to fixed that. The other problem is that DVD labels seem to be restricted to 15 characters, even in ISO Level 2 mode. Now that’s just weird.

So, I guess the main point of my post is: is there a version where these pet peeves of mine are fixed? Would or be better, or has smoothed out a lot of the older Nero 7 issues? Sorry about the length of my post.