What will the maximum Blu Ray DVD read speed be [kind of like 52x was max for CDs]?

When CD drives were first released they were super slow then progressed over the years to the final 52X label.

What is the equivalent read speed for Blu Ray DVD computer drives and when do you think we’ll get there?

I think the max speed will be about 20X, like with DVD. It’ll take a little bit to get there mostly because the transfer rate would be 90 megabytes/second at that speed, and that’s gonna take some work in the Blu-ray hardware to reach those rates.

Obviously we’re talking different x speeds across formats but I take it we are currently on 8x Blu Ray?

So 12x or 16x next spring when new gen drives comes out or what? :slight_smile:

there are already 10x and 12x burners out

I think that because of [B]physical limitations of the RPM speed of rotation[/B]

the reading speed of a BD disc will be limited to 12x ( I mean 12x of the BD format speed)

Are there any news about the actual and future maximum reading and wrinting speeds in the BD format ?

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In the thread you linked to, there isn’t anything that contradicts the poster above you who said that due to [B]physical[/B] limitations (not Blu-ray burner hardware limitations), the reading speed of a BD disc will be limited to 12X.