What will happen if you get a scan like this



As stated, if i use DVD Shrink to shrink a 8GB file to fit onto a DVD+R and obviously something had went wrong. I encountered a few error prompts during the burn.

The show is still very clear when played on the DVD player but what does the PO Errors mean ? That after sometime the disk would be unreadable ? What is the consequences of the errors ?


What were these error prompts during the burn ?

PO Failures are unrecoverable failures.
Try a CD/DVD Speed transfert test on an average DVD-ROM reader.


Rescan… BenQ sometimes has his moments. =P
pinto2 had similar problems… here … then he rescanned and POF were gone.


No … for mine when i was writing using DVD Decryptor there was an error prompt alreadi … and when scanning during 99% there was another error … i think it was something wrong with my encoding …


The results vary a lot …


Maybe you should post the DVDDecrypter log.

Trying to access DVD during the burn could be the problem.

Or a bad Fuji (TY) : may happen…


Ok i rescanned … here are the results …


A quality score of 97 and POF>0, I´m confused! Thought POF means a not fixable readerror ,that couldn´t be corrected by the drives errorcorrection, therefore the disc should be junk… and gets a 97/100 score ? Now the rescan confueses me even more, no more POFs and the score dropped two points to 95 :confused:

Sorry, I don´t get it!


Neither. As Quikee said, sometimes…

Maybe you must eject the disc after the burn to get good results ?


I rescanned 3 more times and the score seems to be hovering btw 95 - 97. PO Failures = 0 … thanks to Quikee …


By the way, the last firmware is B7V9.


I dun understand … what do you mean ?


You use old fw - B7U9.

B7V9 is new.


Depends on personal preference … if i wanna use B7U9 and i think the burns are alright den i dun see any problem with staying with B7U9 … i got bad experiences with B7V9 …


@fanjeri Quality Score is based only on PIF’s. I agree that the score should be zero if there are any POF’s.

It has been reported before that if you don’t eject the disc before scanning you will often get POF’s and often get a “no sense” error in cd/dvd speed near the end of the scan.


Understandable… I think others only tried to tell you that there is a new firmware available in case you’ve missed it. =)


YES I GOT TT !!! Haha ok so the PO Failures came from the straight scanning after my burn … oh ok … i learnt something again !!! Yippie !!!


Oh ok … thanks ya :slight_smile:


Right. You get this errors because the disk size is not detected correctly after the burn without ejecting the disk. Compare the ‘Position’ value in the lower right corner of your scans and you see the difference.


ok, so there´s no jitter/ pof in the quality score and it can be considered pretty useless? :Z