What will burner read for blank 800MB cd's?

I just purchased some 90 minute cd’s (800MB), I put a blank cd in to my burner (HP 9300), and looked at the properties it shows only 648MB, I tried this with a known 80 minute cd (700MB) and it also reads 648. Is this telling me that my burner will not except any cd’s larger than 650MB. Is there something I’m overlooking.:confused:

I think your burner just can’t handle them… For more info on 99 minutes CD-R’s check Disc4You.

I don’t know if this will help but I had a 6x ricoh and I used easy Cd Creator (before saw the light ** Nero 5**) :slight_smile: and when I attempted to burn a 700MB cd it would tell me that I couldn’t burn more than 650MB, so I would say ok and just hit the burn button and it would successfully.

Mitsumi 4804te.

I have been looking like hell to find one of this again and cant seem to put my hands one