What will be your tree this year?

I’ll take a real one :wink:

I have to ask - what has motivated this?

You gave me a split second of irritation as I accessed the normally closed part of my brain called “christmas…hate”. So, no tree for me.

Originally posted by DryBaboon
I have to ask - what has motivated this?

I felt like doing something unexpected. I felt like I wanted to create a total nonsense poll… this is what came out :wink:

Artificial one for me. Real ones are way too messy and I dont like killing a perfectly good tree for a few days of holidays.

I’ve said it for many years , and i will say it this year.

The only christmas tree that comes in my house , is a poster of a christmas tree.

My mom made be this weird looking bonsai christmas tree thingy.

I kinda hate mandatory ornaments.

wow! thinking about easter already here at cdfreaks. i havent even finished up all the goodies the easter bunny brought me this year. :cool: this year, as always…my family will have an artificial tree.

what about thansgiving everyone? who will eat duck and who will eat turkey? or uh, whats everyone going to dress up for this halloween? :stuck_out_tongue:

gotta get back to studying for my finals…:frowning: :frowning:

An artificial one inside and a real one outside :slight_smile:

I don’t do holidays, religious or not. I’m working on not giving out holiday greetings this year, such as in merry xmas tree up yours buddy, or happy easter, I hope you get egg by Jesus (the hispanic janitor). Pretentious son of a biscuits…:Z

Don’t know what I’ll get, but I’ll decorate it with Dee-ehn’s skin. Coming with a xmas topic when the summer is starting. :wink: