What will AOL and MSN tell Uncle Sam?

I just posted the article What will AOL and MSN tell Uncle Sam?.

George Bush’s new homeland security bill now makes your ISP into a spy on you. The new bill makes it legal for ISP’s to report personal information about you to government authorities without a…

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Yeah they can try to take our rights away but if some programmers got together they could be protected with some swifty encryption. My theory is this. You have a chat server (could even be a simple CGI script). But anyone is allowed to create a private chat room that’s called anything they want. (make the names long for better encryption.) Then make it a P2P chat application, the chat server is just there to match up IP numbers. So the server has the IP’s grouped for a certain chat room, but the IP’s are encrypted and they’re not stored under the name of the chat room. Instead make a SHA hash of the chat room name, and also use the chat room name to generate an encryption key for all parties joining that room. Store the encrypted IP’s (encrypted with the generated key). in a file named whatever the SHA hash was. Encrypted all the communications before they go over the line with the generated encryption key, and make sure the server reports back how many IP’s are logged into the chat room so people know if someone is eavsdropping. And bingo, unless you know the exact name of the chat room someone is talking in, you can’t eavsdrop their communication. You may also consider making the program able to generate your hash’s and keys from a wav file that you’ve given to your friends. This is immune to a man in the middle attack as well, without using CA’s or a trusted third party. Which is one flaw with RSA. email me at chsbiking@aol.com if you want me to explain what a man in the middle attack is, even if they are unlikly. Anyone, remember that the encryption key would never be sent over the line. If all parties involved knew the name of the chat room, they would all be able to generate the same key without ever transmitting it. So the authorities couldn’t intercept it, and they couldn’t get the name of the room off the server, because only the SHA has is stored on the server which is not what was used to generate the key.

People can already basically chat without having to worry about eavesdropping. There’s a project called Invisible IRC Project. IIP is what most people call it.

Yeah but this can be cracked by the authorities by a man in the middle attack. Because this system involves the use of transmitting keys. The man in the middle can transmit the wrong keys and fool people into encrypting with the wrong keys. With my method the keys are never transmitted across the net. So there fore they could not be tampered with.

I believe the whole 9/11 was done on purpose for this right to have Big Brother have a total grip of our personal lives. Because we as a society are toooo stupid to take matters on our own hands we need Uncle Sam to do everything for us. For example the raising of our own children some half-beats in the U.S rely Uncle Sam to be the real Uncle. WTF is with that shit. Slowly but surely our freedom will diminish. Or has it already gone?? :c

This is a good idea… to get rid of those terrorists… I like it!!

settle down nuke101…settle down. by the way how have you been treating your kids?:4