What weird stuff did you eat in your childhood ? (growing up)

The weird ,the wonderfull,or the downright disgusting.
In your growing up years (ask a parent) what horrifying stuff did you eat.:bigsmile:

My African friend said “growing up in a rural district they had to eat cooked
rats to curb bed-wetting”. :eek:

My sister ate wormcasts.:Z

Another sister ate condensed milk and sardines.:Z

The doctors told my parents “She has a cast-iron stomach” :wink: .
If you were trying to fix something and left your small bolts,washers or nuts
lying around (cant remember this) apparently I ate them.:eek: :o .

Now I know why I never liked fruit Cake.
Because I am Nuttier than one. :wink:

I ate frozen peas (after thawing)… they were so sweet and had a really good taste. :smiley:

I ate them still frozen :stuck_out_tongue:

My next door neighbor Bill (who was 4 years older than I was) made me eat dog poop one time. He said “open your mouth and close your eyes 'cause I got a big surprise!” Actually, I’m the one that got a big surprise!!! :Z

We have somehow remained friends and we joke around about that incident now and again (usually at my expense). He told me he remembers that I started chewing and smacking on it with my mouth opened and he could tell it had a creamy nugget center. Thanks Bill. :eek: I ran home crying, of course.

I was a pretty disguisting child and apparently ate worms several times. :o
I don’t remember this at all though.

two words…


Only a certain type if i recall.

I can remember eating used chewing gum that I pulled off of the sidewalk a couple of times! :eek: :Z

I can remember buble gum from under desks in the classroom.:bigsmile: :o :eek: ,

LOL! My friends 1yr old baby has taken to eating cat biscuits recently, and has even begun attacking the cat to get hold of them. Maybe the children and pet food thing is quite common :bigsmile:

Rock salt. We used to make home made ice cream and i liked the rock salt.

Yup. Me too. When my dad would fill up the water softener with salt I would always grab a couple of chunks.

Cornflakes with strawberry jam, it was the only cereal i would eat and only with strawberry jam on them.

Nothing strange about that. :disagree:

I still occasionally have blackcurrant jam or blueberry jam on my cornflakes or oatmeal. Yummy! :smiley:

Hills Science Diet Cat Food. Beef Chunks in Gravy Dog Food (Part of an initiation that I had to go through in High School) I guess Arachne, Wobble and I have something in common. :wink:

I don’t remember it, but I was told that I ate donuts dipped in ketchup when I was little. :frowning: :eek: :frowning:

Same here.

I once drank a whole bottle of brondecon … bronchitis/cough mixture.
The doctors were very surprised when my heart started again :slight_smile:

I once ate a chili after being told by a cousin of mine it would taste “really good!” Lying son of a beautician! :slight_smile:

When Mama is out my 4 year old and I make and eat cheese and chocolate sausages! Yummy.

Ammonium chloride (salmiak) with sugar.

Licorice with amonium chloride (salmiak lakrids) is a common type of candy in Denmark, so when I got some pure ammonium chloride for chemistry experiments, I liked tasting the raw stuff sometimes and mixing it with sugar.

It is an acquired taste! :bigsmile:

Maybe that’s why my avatar has flames coming out it’s mouth?

Do you smoke?

No, I don´t mean “after sex?”…and…“I don´t know…I never looked!”