What Website (Company) do You Order From (within U.S.)?

Where do you prefer to buy your media? I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my experience with AllMediaOutlet.com, but I’m running out of supplies, and they don’t seem to have any of what I want in stock. So I’m looking for some recommendations on some other places, and would like to know what you all feel are some reputable websites to order from (again, looking for suggestions within U.S.).

In order of quality of service and reliability of order:



Don’t buy anything that is a house brand, it generally only saves a few cents and almost always is a ton of grief.

Yo chas0039-

I don’t often disagree with you but I would place it thusly:

Rima @ www.rima.com

Newegg @ www.newegg.com

SuperMediaStore @ www.supermediastore.com

Shop4tech @ www.shop4tech.com

With Meritlines decline in customer satisfaction per www.resellerratings.com in the last couple of months - I would really suggest against recommending them - but you do what you feel is best for the others-



I agree on meritline in general but they just stood up to a problem on 100 cases with 50 bad and payed for shipping both ways, so I bumped them above supermedia. Supermedia just gave me a price adjustment on an order they shipped out at a higher price. The overcharge was $4 and they offered me a 40 cent credit on my next order. I took offense.
Thanks for mentioning Newegg. I forgot and I would put them right where you do.

I have bought from meritline for over 2 years without a problem but an order I placed in late January still hasn’t shipped. The media in question has been and still is listed as “available next day”. I’ve emailed them about 6 times on the issue, they reply to about every other email, usually to say it will be in stock within 2-3 days. Oh how you’ve fallen, meritline. IMHO.


How true this is-

Meritline is down to a customer satisfaction rating of like 2.6 over the last six months-

Their overall average is just over 5-

Me - personally has stopped recommending them (used to last year - but not now)-


I’ve only ordered online a few times, but I have to agree with these guys about rima.com. So far they have been very good. My order always gets to me very quickly, in like 2 days every time so far. I get the TY inkjet printables, and I get very good burns on them. I would recommend rima.com to anyone, from my experiences so far. I’m sure those other ones are good too, but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, rima for me. :slight_smile: