What Webcams Do You Like?

Here’s my faves:

The first one is a very nice Dutch page with over 100 of the clearest webcams I have ever seen. I like mysteries, so I like watching Dutch construction cams. Thay have some very strange building practices I’m still trying to figure out.

They didn’t have much of a winter there (makes for grumpy Dutchkins), so now that it is spring there, they are hitting the beach in droves. The pool is open again, too; babes will be out soon.

The Texel airport is fun to watch; a lot of sky diving training and practice there. They had a crash several weeks ago. But, there’s an a-hole that hangs around on that cam who likes to yank it away from you (cams are remote control), so beware.

They got animal cams, too. They now have seals, penguins, cats, chickens, hefalumps, cows (in a modern cow-house, with a little “moo-bot” that goes around cleaning up after them).

The second one is Times Square. I have seen many interesting and amusing things there (like the world famous Naked Cowboy). Now, there appears to be a Naked Cowgirl showing up. Have to keep an eye on that. Now that those costumed characters are making the news (for being naughty), it’s getting even more interesting. Counted 6 Elmos this morn. They have a lot of events there, too, and it’s always interesting to watch them set up.

The third one is Bourbon Street. Always a constant source of amazment, amusement, and bewilderment. I watched the last hurricane there. Interesting street performers, too. You should see what they do to someone passed out drunk on the street! hehe

Speaking of remote monitoring (rather than start another thread), here is an international police (ETC!) monitor I use a lot to hear what’s going on around town here:

With it, you can listen to thousands of things world wide, but I prefer right outside my door. You can hear police, sheriff, fire, air rescue, dog catcher, CB, and many more. I have gotten a number of friends hooked on it and we often talk about bigger things that happen around town (like a bomb threat last week at a school). Sometimes, I hear a call from right across the street. Sometimes, I hear them dispatch on one of my own calls even (only to watch the dumb-ass go to the wrong place! Duhhh).

Several months ago, there was a huge chase. It went for 30 minutes, went through multiple fences and pastures, with numerous attempts to crash into cops, etc. (all because a guy got drunk, ran over a Harley and didn’t want to talk to cops at that time). It was on the news, along with his sentencing several months later.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these! I do. :slight_smile:

Speaking of webcams, I got notice from one of them today: “Babys squirrels! We have baby squirrels! They’re here!” They are a little excited that their squirrel box cam is getting to present more in a long list of babies raised there.