What we should do to this?

EU is going to make an law (or directive) which makes illegal to copy something with copy protection. Look at here:


What do you think, is there anything that we could do to prevent it except visiting the European parliament with AK-47s (just kidding)? :mad:

maybe http://www.privatkopie.net/ will help (only germany)

and i’ll not vote for anybody who supportet this shit…
(and at the end of the year there are “bundestagswahlen”…)


Its election time in Europe and politicians are desparate to get attention at any cost and attention means votes an another term in the office.

And as far as the Civil Liberties and rights well they are out the window.

I suppose I should be greatfull I live in Aussie land !:slight_smile:

Originally posted by Supi Suomalaine
(just kidding)? :mad:
I should think so…M-16s of course :slight_smile: