What was your First Computer circa 1989

This was actually my second, my first was a Commodore 64

My first was a Apple IIc. And I still have it. Don’t know if it still works.

Mr. Bill :slight_smile:

Mine was 8,000grand and the monitor wasn’t even included.:confused:

My first one was also a Commodore C64. While I disposed several of my old computers in the meantime, I still have my original C64 - unfortunately it stopped working. One of the memory chips had errors and after I tried replacing it, the C64 no longer boots at all. :frowning:

My first was an Atari ST, and it is still used today in my home studio.

[QUOTE=Dee;2723751]My first was an Atari ST, and it is still used today in my home studio.[/QUOTE]
Wow Wendy, I had forgotten about the Atari Series, after that they went into gaming real big and boy, what you have is real collectors item.
@Liggy-my Commodore 64 is still in its original box, in my attic, works greats LOL.:wink:

The first home pc I used regularly was a Kaypro II. Circa 1983 or so.

But I didn’t own it. Belonged to my roommate, and there wasn’t much it could do besides word processing. Connected to a dot-matrix printer, it was still better than a typewriter.

I didn’t buy my own PC till the late 90’s.

I bet that one cost a bundle back then Kerry. It looks like it came with the monitor.:wink:

My first computer was a Commodore 128. Year was 1986.

Then in 1988 I bought a REIN ELEKTRONIK 420 SLC Laptop. I simply loved it.
The picture of my beloved REIN Laptop is in this thread: http://club.myce.com/f1/you-old-fart-334333/index3.html

I used the REIN till 1993, when I bought a Toshiba Satellite in New York.

Btw, what was the first Word Processor that you, guys have used.

In 1988 I satrted with ChiWriter, then I used Word Perfect v.5.1 (DOS) as it was the official word professor of the UN.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2723754]I didn’t buy my own PC till the late 90’s.[/QUOTE]

Same here…my 1st was a Fujitsu Siemens with an Athlon 800,20 GB HD,64 GB RAM and an ATI Rage Pro.
After saving some money,the GPU was replaced with an ATI All-In-Wonder 32 MB to play around with video and to digitise some Disney video’s (yes,I had a hardware Macrovision descrambler,home made by a tech guy :clap:)

Great stuff guys and gals, this is really intriguing , love to hear more, post some pics if you have them.:flower:

1975 univac u 1500 mainframe system that uncle Sam shared with me. First desktop was IBM 286

BBC Micro (model B) circa 1982, with an Epson RX80 printer and later a Viglen 5.25" floppy drive to replace the cassette player. The screen was a PYE portable colour television, modified by adding a DIN socket for the computer.

In the 1980s this country was in a fantastic position thanks to the micro computer boom and the BBC’s home computing initiative. But all that was squandered and look where we are today. :sad:

Wordwise was tricky - one wrong move and you lost [I]everything[/I]. That happened to my history homework just after I started high school 10 years later. It was Sunday night and the work was due in the following morning, so I had to re-type the whole lot from memory in half an hour (I got the only A in the class).

Thankfully a few months later we got a PC - 20MHz 80386 DX with 64KB cache, 4MB RAM, a 65MB HDD, an Adlib sound card and a Star Micronics LC24-200 Colour dot-matrix printer. :cool: It came with MS-DOS 4.01 & Windows 386, which was soon upgraded to Windows 3 (virtually unusable) then 3.1.

I could finally start saving documents and used the computer for as much of my homework as possible, and for the next 2 years was the only person in the school using a computer. I hated Wordperfect 5.1, briefly used Word for Windows 1.0 & Windows Write, but Ami Pro 3 was a revelation :bow: - the first true WYSIWYG word processor for PCs. To this day I still use its successor Lotus Word Pro.

My first was a Commodore 64. Then an IBM PC that broke my pocketbook.

I remember the first internet website I ever logged into was Columbia House to get the 10 free cassettes. LOL.:slight_smile:

My first experience with Internet was when I made my first e-mail address. The first one was yahoo mail, second a usa.net e-mail address etc. The second stage of my weblife was when I discovered different chatrooms. Used to be a regular in one of yahoo’s chatrooms.

The first computer my family owned was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum:

After playing around with it for a few years i knew almost everything this machine could do. Amazing machine for its time.

Later on i worked with a Philips P2000, a BBC One, Amstrad, etc. at schools. Played with Commodore 64, MSX, Amiga and other stuff as well.

Our first pc was a 286 with 256 color VGA and a 40Megabyte harddrive which you had to park before shutting down. I was a regular visitor of the demo scene so i witnessed all the transitions from calculated software techniques to hardware accelleration first hand. Some programmers were using amazing methods to get things done.

Nowadays, 30 years later, i still love tinkering with old systems. They were so much more carefully programmed, because of all the huge limitations. Programmers were extremely creative back then.

My wife likes the fact i can get pretty good performances out of very old machines, but hates it that i’m very reluctant to throw away old electronics :slight_smile:

Extremely informative and for that time, this was really advanced.;):wink:


Geez… by then I was on my third or fourth computer.

1989? some sort of fairly fast clone.

you are talking 25 years ago…

[QUOTE=Dee;2723751]My first was an Atari ST, and it is still used today in my home studio.[/QUOTE]

I loved my Atari ST, but I had a Sinclair Spectrum and a Sinclair ZX-81 that I loved to bits before that too.