What was your first car?

Do you still remember your first car? Do you remember it’s color, model, brand and the place you got it from? Would you ever consider a similair car again?

A brown Ford Escort 1.1 . When i bought a new car i actually got more for the trade-in that what is was worth :slight_smile:

How can you forget your first car?? :slight_smile:

Powder blue 74 chevy malibu. 2 door hardtop with a 350 V8 under the hood…That car had balls…:slight_smile:

Now…my second car…is the one I wish I still had…:cool:

1942 Ford Army Jeep :slight_smile: Second was a 1941 Dodge Power Wagon Military pickup, third was my 69 Dodge Dart, needed a normal car to drive.

First car was a Gold/Tan '87 Volvo 740 Turbo Stationwagon. It had a sunroof and everything. Now I have a Blue '93 Volvo Stationwagon, but no sunroof. :frowning:

:cool:[nostalgic grin SIZE=xtralage] Aaah,as I live in the Volvo country my 1st car was a Volvo 142 from 1969.It was California white had red interior and a B20B engine,aaaahh!sweet memories [/nostalgic grin SIZE=xtralage]/gs.

'96 Black Ford Escort (I know, it’s a newish model, but then again, I’m still in college ;))… oh, how I’ve missed it… squeezed into parking spots easily, fuel efficient.

'83 Nissan Sentra Hatchback. Got it from my friend. Sold it for $100 and used it to buy my '87 Mazda 626LX which I then sold to my cousin for $600 and bought me a 97 Jetta GT with 2000 miles. Still have the VW and currently has 93,000. Brother has an 84 Jetta with 193,000 miles. Got a lot of catching up to do :slight_smile:

Red Vauxhall Nova 1.1 bought off of my gran for about £200.

I did upload a picture but it looked shit.

I drive a 1990 Fiesta 1.1 and that’s my first car. I’ll upload a picture A.S.A.P.

Whats with English people and Opel? Why do you keep calling them Vauxhall!?
OPEL! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Whats with English people and Opel? Why do you keep calling them Vauxhall!?
OPEL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Because thats what it says on the car.

1988 Buick Century. Navy blue, 4 door auto.
Got from my Mom because she lost her license driving drunk :eek:

It looked pretty close to this.

Back in 1992, I finally was sober enough (only a few hours :slight_smile: ) to take a drivers license.
After that I bought a 1974 VW Beetle (1303). I actually hate driving, but I really loved that car, although it was cold in the winters and only ran about 120 kms an hour. It looked a bit like the one on the picture , but it was silver-grey

White 1989 Honda Accord 2 door hatchback.
This thing worked great for excessive speeding :stuck_out_tongue: and had low gas mileage.
Problem is the “anti-lock” brakes were NOT very anti-lock.
I skidded off the road a few times with this car.
Kinda fun! lol Luckily neither the car nor I ever injured anyone while cruising the streets…

A 1960 Austin 1300 paid £25 for it back in 1972 sold it three years latter for twice as much and lost count as to how many cars i have owned since then but will never forget the Austin any that are on the road tody are worth a fortune so would never afford one.

I live in “Volvo country” and Volvo 740 GLE ! [1987] was my first car back in -91… :bigsmile:
Still driving Volvo…V70 :cool:

Read more about Volvo history

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Read more about Volvo history

Do I have to? :wink:

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Do I have to? :wink:
Totaly agree with that i also ride motoir bikes and i dont know what it is about VOLVO drivers but they cant seem to see bikes and all ways knock or least try to knock bikers off :frowning: :frowning: :a

My first care is the one I am driving now…2001 Volkswagen Golf IV… small car to start with…