What was your best black friday buy this year 2019

Well, another Black Friday has come and, gone? I did get a good deal on a 60" inch
4k t.v. so it was okay I guess? I also got a good deal on an Echo show, and various
robotic toy’s and such. So Maybe you guy’s did better I hope?:grinning:

On the Black Friday day I purchased a pair of speakers for a nephew and an Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ microphone. That’s it. :slight_smile:

From what I could see, with the exception of TVs, Black Friday went from a day of great deals several years ago to where shops/sellers are trying to clear old stock and Chinese sellers are trying to make a quick buck. For example, on Amazon I could easily browse all the Black Friday offers and lightning deals throughout the day several years ago.

This year they had so many pages of mainly low quality items that unless I knew what I wanted and searched for, I just didn’t see anything that worth getting in what I managed to browse. Both the microphone and speakers were keywords I searched for and probably wouldn’t have stumbled upon them just browsing the pages of deals. I bought a lot more this year on the Amazon Prime Day.

Yeah! you are right?. As far as the T.V.'s go I was watching on you tube?
Where a guy got a better deal at Best Buy for a T.V. better then mine? It was a 58"
inch Insignia 4k amazon fire T.V.? So now [ since I purchased a 60" inch myself?]
I thought he got a better deal for being able to purchase it for $ 200.00 Dollars

My wife was spending too much money on clothes for the kids and grand kids, but I got a free soft drink at a fast food joint.

A Ring Doorbell Pro with Camera and speaker a 24 hours looping memory. It came with an Amazon Alexa Echo 5. All for 179.00 installed

got a good deal. :grinning:

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Less than half price tickets to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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