What was the last UHD BD movie you bought and did you like it?

Bought UHD Life of Pi this weekend. Liked the picture quality and sound effects. Especially during storm at sea, didn’t like the end of the movie.

What did you buy last and what movie would you recommend for impressive picture quality?

I don’t have a 4k player so buying a 4k disc is a waste of money. I do find that the 4k TV I have (65" Samsung 8000 series) upscales 1080p so well that I haven’t been compelled to buy the player or discs. If the price of the players drops to around $50 then I might consider buying one.

Watched Brawl In Cell Block 99 last night. Even though it isn’t HDR it looks absolutely stunning. The movie was shot on a RED Weapon at 8K and it shows despite it being finished with a 2K DI. It is a crazy clean image.

As for the movie, well, loved it. I am a big fan of S. Craig Zahler’s work. I thought Bone Tomahawk was fantastic and Brawl in many ways is superior. Vince Vaughn is just flat out fantastic. Highly recommended if you aren’t squeamish with pretty graphic and extreme violence.

I also thought Bone Tomahawk was great. Not for the faint of heart though. Every person I have recommended this movie to, and they watched it, either loved it or hated it. The funny thing is they all had to finish it. The last half hour of that movie takes you on a mind bending odyssey that leaves you wondering WTF just happened.

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